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Justice Dhingra Quashed An HMA Case-2008

Justice Dhingra Quashed An HMA Case-2008
The Noble Justice Dhingra in action again. This time delivers justice in a HMA
case, Parnab Kumar Chakarborthy Vs Ruma Chakarborthy-2008
Here is what he had to say:
• 3. The petitioner in his petition has stated that the learned Court has taken
into account his gross salary while his net salary after deduction was
hardly Rs.5,000/-. He had to maintain two houses. He was working in
Bhiwadi in Rajasthan as Shift In charge, his daughter from the earlier
deceased wife was living at his ancestral house at Rai Barelli with his
ailing mother. Thus, he had to maintain two units; one at Rai Barelli and
other at Rajasthan. He also pleaded that the learned ADJ had not
taken into account the fact that the wife was a professional
beautician, who had done diploma in beauty-culture and hair
dressing and in the bio data supplied to him at the time of marriage,
it was stated that she was a freelance beautician doing the work of
beautician. He further stated that the account of expenditure given
by the wife would show that she was living in luxury, which was not
possible out of the meager income of her father, who was a retired
Naval Officer and since she was qualified and was spending a lot so,
there was a presumption that she was earning and she had not come
to the Court with clean hands.
Here is the judgment:
Justice Dhingra Quashed An HMA Case-2008

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